Back Pain Relief With These Remedies

Having the experience of back pain could make a person unproductive with their daily tasks. This is because of the limitations on the things that they could do. Feeling such pain on our back may vary in severity that sometimes if people would only feel the pain that they could endure, they opt not to seek help from their doctors not until they can no longer take it. There are several choices that a person can do to ease the pain or give permanent solution with regards to their backaches.

Back pain that are caused by emotional and physical stress are said to last only for less than 4 weeks. And if this is the type of pain that a person is experiencing, there are quick solutions that most of us do without resulting to ask help from medical experts first. Listed below are the 3 most common solutions that is used for this type of pain:

Massage/ Yoga
Hot compress / Heat Therapy
Medication and a Good Mattress
Since life nowadays seems to ask our body to perform the most that we can do on our job, it is unavoidable to sometimes make us feel stressed. Stress that can often lead to the pain most especially if the job that causes this is physical in nature. If this is the one causing your stress, what you can do is choose solutions that would relax both your body and mind. Solutions such as massage and yoga are good choice to do this. It does not relieve just the pain but makes you feel rejuvenated and ready to face work again. Choose a trusted provider of such services to ensure that you are doing well for your back instead of causing more harm. Acupuncture is another remedy that you can go for if stress is the one causing your pain. This is a treatment that is also done by experts by inserting needles to various points that is said to be helpful in giving relief. This is not just use for such problem but as well as other health related ones. This helps the blood to flow normally that in turn makes everything in our body to work well. Another quick and inexpensive solution that you can do to relieve your back pain is to apply a hot compress in the areas that are affected. This in return relaxes the muscles and serves as a natural pain reliever. Although the application of heat is a good cure for mild to average pains, there are some that often prefers to use cold compress, which is said to prove the same effect. For people who are looking for fast relief in back aches, they often result to getting medication that can be bought over the counter. Medication such as pain relievers or anti-inflammatory, paracetamol and muscle relaxant serves to be helpful. However, this should as well be taken in moderation for taking too much may cause another problem.When shopping for a mattress you should buy a memory foam mattress as this mattress helps people to reduce back pain.

When your back pain lasted for more than 4 weeks since it started and you are still feeling the pain, then maybe it is just time for you to ask help from medical experts. Doing the first mentioned solutions may already be impractical and dangerous to do for pain that is lasting for this long. That is because there might already be problems that need medical attention. Getting expert advice are said to be the remedies that produces long-term results. For the reason that they will be able to determine the possible root of your back pain and provide you with the right solution. You can get help from:

Physical Therapists
The following practitioners will first assess your condition and let you undergo tests if needed in order to determine what is causing your back pain. After the test, you are then provided with recommendations on how to solve the problem. Physical therapists are licensed guide for you to perform stretching and exercise in order to correct usually muscle problems that produces the pain. Therapy varies depending on the person’s condition especially if they are suffering from scoliosis and different spinal problems. Chiropractors work in similar ways as physical therapists. The only difference is they do not only focus on back-related pains but as well as other diseases. There are instances that back pain could result to an individual to undergo surgery. These cases are often due to accidents that cause a part to dislocate.

These and a lot more can give you relief with your back pain. Although there are available and quick solutions that you can do on your own, feeling intense pain even less than a week may already calls for you to have it check immediately. Without knowing its real cause, you would not be able to determine a solution that really works.

How To Prepare Yourself for Bike Travelling | A Step by Step Guideline

Bike Travelling
Bike Travelling

Do you want to go somewhere and take a break from the stress and monotony of life? Do you want to discover new paths as you travel? Do you love traveling on your own?

If your answer is yes, bike riding is an attractive option for you. No need to follow the fixed routes of bus and trains or sit in the cramped space of an airplane. Here are some guidelines to help you while you are bike–travelling. Get ready to go off the beaten track and have an amazing ride!

1. Choose the right bike:

This depends on where you are going and for how long. Simply buying an expensive bike won’t do. Keep in mind the terrain you will be traveling in, the surfaces you will encounter. For example, a budget friendly mountain bike may be best if you are going to travel in uneven, bumpy roads. Decide whether you are going for a few days or months.

Most importantly, make sure that you are comfortable with your bike. Aching joints can quickly take away the joy of a bike ride.

2. Pack light:

You don’t want to feel burdened while you are traveling. Additionally, you need to make sure that you are not putting pressure on your bike with all those bags. Carry only what you absolutely need, not what you want. If you are planning to camp somewhere, choose a lightweight camping gear.

It is advisable to fit in everything only into one bag. Be sure to include charges, power banks, bike locks and a bike maintenance kit.

3. Don’t push yourself too hard:

Plan the distance you will cover each day beforehand, but don’t push yourself over your limits too much. While mapping the distance, also keep in mind that bike traveling doesn’t literally mean continuous traveling. It is important to give yourself some rest during travel.

Besides, you won’t be able to eat while riding! And what is a use of traveling by road bike if you don’t take some time out to explore and enjoy your surroundings?

4. Take appropriate measures and be prepared

Keep your eyes and ears open while you travel. Before starting on your trip, study carefully the places you are traveling to and stay up-to-date for any news of crime and unrest in your traveling areas.

Also, it is essential to make sure that the brakes work and you don’t have a flat tire. Have knowledge about the bike you are traveling in. Would you be able to repair it if something went wrong with your bike and there is nobody to help you?

You can take your road bikes while traveling or may take your other type of bicycle. It’s not a matter. But before going for bike travel you have to check that your bike is working fine or not.

Pros of bike Travelling:

  • You can go at your own pace without worrying about rushing to the station to catch a train or bus. You can rest and explore for as long as you want.
  • When you are traveling with your own equipment, you don’t have to worry about costs. It is a very cheap way of traveling effectively.  


  • There may be days of tough weatherwith strong winds, heavy rain or scorching sunshine. These may make traveling quite frustrating and difficult.
  • There is also the danger of your bike getting stolen. This may result in you getting stranded in unknown places.

Features of Bike Travelling:

  • You get explore new places, meet new people, taste new food.
  • There is no pollution while traveling.
  • You get an experience of how to live independently and manage things on your own.
  • It improves your health and fitness.
  • You get to visit many places at once, at a low cost.

Your F.A.Q.s answered!

1. How do I prepare myself for bike travel?

Ride around on your bike for a few days before your trip to ensure your body gets used to riding a bike. Drink plenty of water while traveling.
1. Is bike traveling safely?

Absolutely. Bike travelers are seen as harmless. Strangers are quite willing to help riders during emergencies.
1. What should I keep in mind while bike traveling?

Wear a helmet. Don’t forget your passport (visa) if you are traveling inter-country. Keep your phone charged. Be polite to people you meet along the way.
This bike traveling is a great way to help you spend time with yourself and nature.

It may be tough in some cases, sometimes you may feel that it is better to travel taking the more traditional modes of travel, but if you want to live each moment of the journey and not only the destination, then bike traveling is the perfect choice for you. Get off the beaten track and discover things you would not otherwise have noticed.