Baby Cribs Buying Guide of 2016

Babies spend most of their time in the crib. So, while buying a baby crib one should give more importance on comfort, safety, and it needs to be sturdy one so that you baby will be secure while being in the crib. Most of the expected moms buy a baby crib much before their due date so that they will not have to hurry in the last moment and will get enough time to choose the right product. Below is a guide to choose a inexpensive baby crib that are safe and durable.

What to look for while buying a the best baby crib
• Mattress
If you want to give more comfort to your little one then consider the density of the mattress of the crib. Usually, the better mattress comes with high density but the problem is that you cannot get the exact information on the on the packing of every mattress. So, choose the one who has given the exact details.

What to avoid while buying a crib
• Do not buy a low priced crib if it does not meet the security standards
• If it is not made of solid materials
• Cribs with wheels
• Any old crib
• With unnecessary decorations
• Bumpers should be avoided as it can suffocate your baby.
• Adjustable mattress
You should buy the best crib that is adjustable so that you can change the height by simply lowering and raising it. You can lower the crib when the baby is in the sitting position and trying to stand so that you will face more challenge in case your baby comes out.
• Slats
Sidebars should be between the 2 3/8 inches apart. Anything more than this can create problems for your baby.
• Durability
Buy a crib which is durable so that you can use it for more time. Nowadays products are coming with many features such as you can use a baby crib as a toddler bed or a daybed. If you buy a durable product you can use it for your baby for a long time and you can also use it as a toddler bed.
• Size of the frame
The frame size should not be too long or short. 51 3/4 long and 27 3/4 will be the perfect size. Make sure that the mattress is placed properly so that your baby will be comfortable and safe in that crib.
• Versatile crib
Currently, different models are coming and more importantly all the models are coming within a reasonable price. You should choose a model that you can use for a longer time for your baby such as you can buy a crib that can be used as a toddler bed and full-size bed in future.
Why should you buy a crib for your little one?
Usually, babies sleep most of the time. So, you should offer them a healthy, comfortable, undisturbed sleeping. Baby cribs are secure to be used and many health care services will recommend this for a baby as your baby will get a comfortable environment in the initials days of her/his life. If you want to offer a comfortable and secure environment to your little one then a baby crib can be a good choice for you.